Raising Whimps

Living in the city gave you two types of surfaces to play on, concrete and asphalt. Any city park with dirt and grass was two bus rides away. The biggest yard was maybe 25 feet across and most were packed with tables, chairs and an occasional above ground pool. Since this was all were knew, we never gave it a second thought. Hard, unforgiving play surfaces had their advantages. The… Continue reading

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Keds vs. Converse – Did you have a favorite?

Doug Vairo
Is my hair really GRAY?

How I loved wearing my sneakers as a youngster. For me, sneakers meant “time to play!” I probably enjoyed wearing my sneakers more than most of my friends only because they were able to wear them way more often than I was.


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Pensy Pinky and Spauldeen Rubber Ball Games / Debate

Doug Vairo

Is my hair really GRAY?

There is much debate about what the preferred rubber ball to use when playing games such as stoop ball, box ball, handball and of course stickball.

It seems that the Spauldeen, as we pronounced it, was the better ball to use. The Pensy Pinky seemed… Continue reading

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JUST ONE MORE DAY By Marino Amoruso

I’m now in my mid-fifties and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my maternal grandparents, Luigi and Teresa Sammarco. Both came from the Calabria region of southern Italy and arrived in New York in 1915. They met in a small Italian grocery store in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn in 1923 and were married within a few months. My mother, Maria, was the youngest of their four children… Continue reading

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Like all members of the Babyboom Generation, I grew up watching television. I think kids today watch far more television than we ever did. When I came home from school I threw my books on the kitchen table, kissed my mom, and then went outside to play. My mom didn’t see me again until dinner time. After dinner I quickly did my homework, and then I’d watch a couple of… Continue reading

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The Music That Influenced Me

Recently I was surprised to learn that I am a part of the Baby Boomer generation having being born in 1964. I always thought of myself as a part of the next generation. I have always admired baby boomers due to their progressive and independent nature which helped shape the world during the 1960′s to this day. As baby boomers start to retire, the one thing about this generation that has left… Continue reading

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The Sunday Drive to Nana’s

Doug Vairo

Is my hair really GRAY?

As far back as I can remember Sunday was that special day when we went to visit Nana in Brooklyn. In the years between 1964 and 1970 these Sunday adventures were similar even though my siblings and I were getting older. We lived in… Continue reading

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