Pensy Pinky and Spauldeen Rubber Ball Games / Debate

Doug Vairo

Is my hair really GRAY?

There is much debate about what the preferred rubber ball to use when playing games such as stoop ball, box ball, handball and of course stickball.

It seems that the Spauldeen, as we pronounced it, was the better ball to use. The Pensy Pinky seemed to be a lighter weight ball and sometimes not always 100% round! Naturally if we wanted to play a game and that was the only ball that the candy store had, it’s the one we bought.

I would be interested in hearing your comments. Tell us if you had a preference and also list all the games that you played with them as a child. I know my sister used one to play Jacks and the Name game where the girls would bounce the ball under their leg while singing one of those songs.

It does not matter what sex you are; if you can think of a game that was played with eiter ball as a kid please let us know. And don’t forget to vote on which one was preferred!


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One Response to Pensy Pinky and Spauldeen Rubber Ball Games / Debate

  1. LIchuck says:

    There was only one, Spalding. Pinkies were too smooth, slippery when they got wet and never had as good a bounce.

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